Traditional vs. Modern Thai Letters

Has it happened to anyone else: You put tens of hours in studying the Thai alphabets, and then find out that most of the names in real life in Thailand are written in totally different fonts? All the little clockwise and anti-clockwise circles and plenty of other details have disappeared, and there’s only little difference to tell between letters. The following ones, as an example, are all different letters:


That’s why I have made this translation table. (PDF). Have fun learning Thai!


  1. Very Very helpfull indeed. I spent so much time learning the traditional Thai script via. YouTube and 2 different online Tutors. And on the streets of Bangkok got completely confused with the modern script.
    Now shall restart learning it.


  2. Thanks, it is very useful, is there a reason for you not to show PAW-PEUNG and PAW-PAAN?


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